Trainers are HERE!!!


Trainers are HERE! Its that time again…the weather is getting colder and colder, the days are getting shorter and shorter. Here at Wheel Fast we stocked up on some of the best trainers on the market from Cyclops and Lemond Fitness. The Lemond Revolution is a new product for us and simulates road riding very well. This unique trainer is very easy to set up and all you have to do is take off your back wheel, hook the bike up, and pedal! Stop in and take it for a test ride….its pretty neat! We also ordered four models of trainers from Cyclops including the wind, mag, magneto, and fluid. These start at $160 and up as the flywheel on the trainer gets nicer. Riser blocks are also available and a nice way to level the front and back of the bike while using a trainer. The Sunlite riser block is single position riser block while the Cyclops riser block features three different heights to customize your ride. Stay in shape this winter and come in to find the trainer thats right for you!