Winter Tune-up Special Free Pick Up

For the months of January and February we are going to be running a winter tune-up special.  It’s cold outside and you probably are not thinking about having your bike tuned up right now, but this is your chance to save some money.  Right now a full tune-up is 25% off the regular price of $59.99 to $44.99.  Free pick up is available in the Chatham and Springfield area.   We are even going to offer to let you keep the bike here until March when it is closer to the time of you actually wanting to use it.  Don’t wait to bring it in the first warm week of spring and end up having to wait a few days to get it back.  This way you will be ready to go when the weather is.  While you are here picking up your bike, consider having a Specialized BG fit done in our new Fit inc. studio!  Call for more details.