Hand Built Wheels


Here are a few examples of some hand built wheels we have built here at Wheel Fast. It takes years of practice and a very delicate touch to perfect the art of building a wheel from scratch. Making sure all the vertical and horizontal “hops” are out of the wheel, every spoke has the same tension as the others, and that all of the spokes are seated into the hub flange.

 Here in the shop we sell a lot of great “stock” wheels from Mavic, Specialized, Zipp, etc. One of our favorite things to do is build up a set of wheels from scratch for a customer. This entails that you have a one of a kind wheelset, built exactly how you want it, with exactly the rims, hubs, and spokes that you want.

Some of our favorite hub and rim manufaturers to work with are Chris King (who make a lot of really cool color options and are made in the U.S.A.), DT Swiss, Mavic, All-City, Zipp, and Velocity. We use DT Swiss or Sapim spokes and always build our wheels with brass nipples to ensure a long lasting wheel. Each spoke is treated with spoke-prep and the tension is checked with a tension meter throughout the build to ensure a perfectly built wheel.

Not only do we build wheels, but we service wheels as well. If you have a broken spoke…or several, we can fix that. If you want to convert your mountain bike wheels into a tubeless conversion, we can help you out. If you want to be faster in the group ride…new wheels will help, but we can’t do anything about the motor…

We have built wheels for racers, recreational riders, moutain bikers, tandems….you name it and we have probably built it. Come in or give us a ring in the shop to find out what the difference is between a “stock” wheel and a hand built wheel.

Wheel Fast…your place for custom wheels!